Transform Outdoor Living Spaces

Residents of Brookline, Newton, and similar communities in Metro West are often faced with challenges in their quest to create the perfect outdoor living space. Narrow lots, limited access, and less than adequate sunlight are just a few impediments that seem to prevent folks from achieving the backyard of their dreams.

TJ Collins Landscaping thrives on the challenge posed by inconvenient obstacles. Our talented staff of artists and craftsmen leaves no stone unturned in the quest to create outstanding gathering areas and private sanctuaries for homeowners with tricky or less than ideal circumstances.

Another Green Thumb Moment

This video shows how TJ Collins was able to bring to life the visions of homeowners in West Newton. Starting with a stormwater management plan the property was transformed with the replacement of outdoor surfaces and the creation of a beautiful, relaxing backyard setting.

 A Green Company For Over 20 Years

T J Collins Landscaping serves residential and commercial property owners in the communities of Metro-West including Needham, Newton, Dover, and Wellesley.

Our services include Landscape Design and maintenance, Hardscape Design and installation, and seasonal services such as clean up in the spring and fall or snow removal in winter.

Since 1993 Terry and the team have been creating outstanding outdoor spaces that are not only pleasant to the eye but functional and friendly to the environment as well. We are a Green Company.

Permeable Pavers and Hardscape Solutions

A functional and visually appealing landscape begins with hardscape design. Guests to your home arrive on your walkway and often gravitate to your outdoor living space. Your patio is a natural gathering spot but walkways, stairs, walls, and other hardscape features also factor into the overall design.


Permeable Pavers are a green solution. Surfaces constructed of pervious material are more attractive and are beneficial to the environment. They also save you time and money because they reduce the load on a lawn sprinkler system or human powered irrigation.

More than just a pretty surface permeable pavers have a wide range of applications. They are used for stairs, as terracing, in planters, and in water features and firepits.



Lawn Care

lawn and plantings

Thick, healthy lawn is a nice contrast to the foundation plantings

Your lawn makes a statement. It’s a source of pride and very often your neighborhood signature.

Lawn care is time consuming. Homeowners in Needham and Metro West depend on T J Collins Landscaping to bring out the best in their lawn and unlock the hidden curb appeal of their property.

Our team of trained professionals are fully equipped to manage and maintain your lawns and landscape so that you can relax and just enjoy the view.

From spring to fall—mowing, edging, weeding, and cleanup—we’ve got you covered.


Seasonal Landscaping

retaing wall-seat wall and new walkwayT J Collins Landscaping operates year round.

Spring is the time for a thorough clean up and preparation for the growing season. By the time fall rolls around we’re ready to clean up again while preparing your property for winter hibernation. In between there’s much to do.

Trimming of shrubs and ornamental tree pruning take place in summer, mulch is applied in spring, and regular applications of fertilizer are done throughout the year. In fall bulbs are planted, clean up resumes, and your irrigation system is put to bed. And in winter our team is hard at work on snow removal.

Irrigation systems are monitored and maintained for peak efficiency. This limits water usage while producing a healthy lawn with stunning displays of plants and flowers. We keep a careful eye on soil conditions. Core aeration, power raking, and soil testing are done on an as needed basis.


Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting illuminating a walkwayLow voltage landscape lighting provides safety and security so that your yard and gardens become natural extensions of your home anytime of day or night.

A well lit property is less attractive to would be intruders who prefer to operate under cover of darkness. Lighting can be motion activated or set to turn on and off at pre-determined times. You and your dog will feel secure on his evening walk and a trip to the  mailbox will be no-risk.

Outdoor lighting maximizes your family’s enjoyment of outdoor living spaces. And it also boosts your homes curb appeal and adds significant property value.

The staff at T J Collins Landscaping are fully trained in the design and installation of your outdoor lighting system. Your property is unique. We’ll work with you to determine your landscape lighting requirements and install a system that is best suited to your needs.