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Imagine the possibilities! HNA award winner 2012- The ultimate backyard reclamation project. The contractor took advantage of multiple elevations on the property by designing 3 separate terrace levels adjacent to the pool.
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Eco-friendly pavers transform outdoor surfaces. Homeowners who choose interlocking concrete pavers are making a wise choice. With hundreds of attractive options for your driveway or patio, pavers offer style and elegance. And they also perform a variety of environmental functions.

The EPA  recognizes permeable pavement as a best management practice (BMP) for stormwater control. And site designs that incorporate permeable pavement qualify  under sustainable rating systems such as LEED and Green Globe.


pavers with retaining wall and bedPermeable surfaces:

  • Allow the underlying soil to capture, absorb, and clean surface water
  • Reduce the load on a lawn sprinkler system or human powered irrigation
  • Reduce surface and ground temperature in the area making for a healthier environment for trees and plants
  • Look and feel better than asphalt and concrete


In this video, Terry Collins talks about sustainability and the process he and his team use to install a permeable paver solution.He covers filtration and explains why pavers are the most cost effective solution.

The secret of permeable pavers is that they have high initial surface infiltration rates. They immediately store rainfall and runoff so that even in a heavy rainfall event runoff is completely eliminated.

patio paversIt’s good to know that you’re making a positive impact on the local watershed but homeowners are also preventing problems on their own property. Erosion is the chief cause of failure in non porous surfaces and can also lead to penetration of your foundation.

It’s not just in your backyard that permeable pavers are making a difference. We all know about the problems related to our country’s aging  infrastructure.

walkwayOver 700 U.S. cities employ a combined sewer overflow system where runoff has to be treated once it enters the system. Communities all across the country are turning to permeable pavement as a solution to this costly problem. They’re significantly reducing groundwater and sediment runoff and as a result we’re making progress in cleaning up our waterways.

Permeable pavement systems are playing a significant role in efforts to tackle the aging infrastructure problem in the U.S.

If you have tired walkways or are thinking about creating an outdoor space, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas. With hundreds of possibilities available today you’re sure to find the perfect solution.

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