Dear Terry,

We want to send along this letter to thank you for your hard work and capable efforts on our landscaping project this past summer.  Our scope of work was substantial: a new blue stone patio, new stone walls, installation of a lawn and irrigation system and significant re-grading to correct the flow of water across the site.  From the start you gave us clear information on pricing so that we could modify the project to fit our budget.  Once work was begun, you and your crew worked continuously and energetically to get it done.  You were responsive to the concerns we expressed as we saw things take shape and you made changes when requested.  You also identified opportunities that you discovered while working on the site.  We all love the stone seat worked into the stone wall that you proposed when you came upon rock that would have been costly to remove.

Since its completion we have absolutely loved using our new patio.  The attached before and after photos say it all.  It’s a tremendous improvement and we thank you for your effort and experience in bringing this to fruition.


Nancy A. Allison, AIA
Newbridge Architecture